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Company Profile

T. R. Publications was established in the year 1968 by sri. T. Rangaswamy who had rich experience in the entire gamut of publishing as a result of his long services in M/s orient long man Limited as a mail order business in library supplies.

The company started publishing activities in the year 1972 and made a name as publishers of quality text books in the field of mathematics at primary level. The firm was faced with the necessity of moving away from textbooks to academic books due to the policy of the nationalization of textbooks on the part of government.

Mr. R. Seshadri took over the company in early 1975, on the death of sri. T. Rangaswamy. The company started promoting and marketing of imported academic books because of the expertise provided by Mr. R. Seshadri who had fifteen years of vast experience in marketing imported books. After sustained and assiduous efforts the firm was able to gain the goodwill of leading publishers in the U. K ., and started acting as agents/ stockists for them.

The production and editorial activities were completely managed by sri. T. R varadarajan after the demise of sri. T. Rangaswamy in the year 1974.

Mr. M. V. Chandramouli joined the firm during 1988 and developed the contacts ably. The company also built up a network of reliable trade outlets for the titles of foreign publishers in different parts of india. The company catered to the needs of premier academic institutions throughout the country with the co - operation of leading booksellers located in different parts of india, who took care of the needs of the libraries, institutions and reading public. The company has acquired skills in the field of wholesale and retailing of the titles of the UK / American publishers and of select leading indian publishers.

Owing to devaluation and paucity of funds in the library market, the price of the imported books were high hence exclusive deals were made with many of the foreign publishers to market it at low prices. Simultaneously, T. R. Publications launched a vigorous policy of publishing original academic books in the year 1990. At the end of 1999 the company has successfully published nearly one hundred titles. The company is aided by a team of dedicated personnel, with rich experience in different facets of publishing and production in india and marketing of imported books.

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