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Company Profile

BUTIC is a chain of beauty parlors with an enviable reputation of over 40 years in the field of beauty therapy, beauty education, beauty products, and cosmetology.

Butic has been established by Maya Paranjapye, a renowned Cosme-tologist from India.

Butic is your one stop shop for your entire cosmetic needs.

Butic offers a wide spectrum of beauty and cosmetic services - from skin, hair, and body care, to herbal cosmetics, based on Ayurveda and Ayurvedic principles.

Our Institute of Beauty Therapy & Hair Dressing offers basic and advanced courses in the field of cosmetology that will launch your career on a firm footing.

Butic has branches in Pune and Mumbai, with plans to open more branches in Maharashtra and other Indian cities.

Visit our parlor, and rediscover the magic of being a woman…

Cosmetology, the study of beauty education, offers exciting learning and career options. Institute of Beauty Therapy & Hair Dressing, the premier Indian beauty training and education institute located at Pune, Maharashtra offers basic and advanced beauty courses that will prove a rewarding and enriching experience for you.

Beauty Tips and Tricks

My scalp usually by midwinter and I always suffers from dandruff. How can I care it?

Apply neem leaves extract or lemon juice to the scalp before the head bath and massage for few minutes. Don’t wash your hair with soap of shampoo but use plain shikakai or Aritha powder. Soak the powder in water (preferably removing the seeds) and boil the pulp in the water then wash your hair thoroughly with the solution. Do this at least thrice a week for a minimum of three weeks. Then start massaging with coconut oil regularly before a head bath.

As winter approaches, the weather becomes less humid and in some places very dry. This affects scalp oil contact falls below certain level, the skin of scalp gets itchy and starts flaking off. This is as dandruff.

Sometime the scalp also gets infected, resulting in scalp like formation. This is the second stage of dandruff. Medicated shampoos containing zinc pyrithione or selenium sulphide can control severe dandruff although they cannot cure it.

I get pimples all over my face in Mays but it becomes very dry in winter. I don’t what make-up I should use. If I use foundations, my pimples get worse?

You have what is called combination skin. That means the face skin is basically dry but oily areas become even more so, Causing pimples. In winter the patches are less oily and there is no problem. However the rest of the skin becomes very dry.

In summer, use pan-cake type foundations, which are dry and will not irritate your pimples. In winter use liquid foundations to reduce the dryness of skin.

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