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Company Profile

INTERNATION INSTITUTE OF CHRISTIAN MANAGEMENT (IICM) is a registered trust which is affiliated with International Institute of Church Management of New York and also accredited by American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions, NC,U.S.A., certified member of ACEA (Apostolic Council of Educational Accoutability) Co, U.S.A. Student Body of IICM.

Thousands of students are currently studying in our institute from almost all the major Denominations and Christian Organisations from every state of India.

Minstries of IICM

  • Bible Correspondence Courses
  • Pastors' and Leaders'
  • Management Training
  • Guest Lectures in Bible Colleges
  • Crusades and Gospel Meetings
  • Publication of Christian Books
  • TV, CD and Video Ministry etc.

    Reps of IICM

    Currently we have around 300. Representatives in various cities in almost all the states of India. We are recruiting representatives to represent ICM in various states, Cities and Denominations. Please send your Bio data with two passport size photos to receive full information about the responsibilities and remuneration, which are applicable to them.

    Affiliation wth IICM

    Hundreds of Churches, Bible colleges and other christian organisations from various states of India are currently affiliated with IICM. Upon request, further information about affiliation will be provided.

    Objectives of IICM

    • To provide continuing education for pastors, evangelists, bible teachers and christian leaders.
    • To equip professionals, businessmen / women and lay leaders for ministry.
    • To teach the word of God topically. In a simple and practical way to make it easy to understand and apply it, both in their lives and ministries.
    • To help understand the importance of using management skills and modern technologies of communication to maximise results in the minsitry.
    • To impart revelation knowledge of the word of God and the anointing of the Holy spirit.
    • To facilitate spiritual, leadership and church growth development.
    • To help being effective and successful in life and ministry in terms of achieving goals and realizing full potential.
    • To help discover and fulfill god's will and purpose.

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