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Company Profile

Jaiall Suns Biotech Ltd are one of Indian's most experienced dry fruits, food grain, pulses, consumer products, processed food and hand made wooden carpet brokers and exporters. Experienced knowledge and daily study of market in dealing with key products means, we have consistently been amongst the most significant indian owned market operators.

Our experienced buyers operate across the full range of above products of Indian types and at key auction center.

We take pride in our reputation for delivering on time, to our clients around the world.

We purchase quality stock, through purchase expert in the field. JBL is geared to maintain its world wide reputation for quality.

The company has ready access to Indian Modern Container Ports. This ensures speedy delivery to overseas buyers.

A company built on service

Our company also works towards improving the stability of product rates and quality and providing the facility to enable the benefit of structured programs of supply. Programs that are designed to meet the needs of our clients, and the demand of competition, increased capital investment and products supplies.

The company is committed to international prospective and strongly adheres to the principal of growth scheme and excellence. We finally believe toppest position comes from provision of superior services to our established customer base - services that has been developed from the products at lowest rate of good quality products to our customers. Our company is compact in size which translates into the benefits to our clients of dealing with our company personnel.


In spite of competitive nature of Indian Market prices on quality retains its position as our client gets benefitted by the purchase as much as it can.

We believe our products rate quality gets updated and is also cheapest.

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