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Madras Sanskrit College
The Madras Sanskrit College came into being in 1906,owing its origin to the philanthropy of 'Mahapurusha',Sri V.Krishnaswamy Iyer,who was earlier a leader of Madras Bar,later a judge of the Madras High Court and finally member of Governer's Executive council till his last day on 28th december 1911.This Great personality ,noticing the diminishing numbers and fast deteriorrating standard of sanskrit during his time ,took upon himself the heavy task of founding a place for implanting instruction up to the highest standards in the classical works and shastras on the traditional methods of intensive study.


It was thus in December 1905,the Sanskrit College was started and on Febraury 1,1906 the college began functioning.Sri V.Krishnaswamy Iyer,Rao Bahadur Sri A.S.Balasubramaniya Iyer formed themselves into a committee,each one contributing to the growth which was steady and spectacular.Onthe 27th October 1907,a trust deed was executed and registered by Mr.Krishnaswamy Iyer and by Sir C.P.Ramaswami Iyer which had for its object,the maintenance of a sanskrit College and also the encouragement and promotion of research and investigation into the several departments of oriental knowledge.

At Present

From 1970 onwards,there had been constant increase in the number of students studying in the college.By the 80s,the number of students ranged from 60 to 70 per year while in the recent past five years there had been a spurt of increase in the students strength which has reached the maximum of nearly 130 students.

This has been possible most probably because of the enlargement of the hostel facilities at the college and the care taken for the welfare of the students.The college has been providing,from its inception,free boarding and lodging to the students and from its inception it has been attracting students from different parts of India.Most of the students availed these facilities and the college management amidst all difficulties has been able to create an endowment for the specific purpose of meeting out the food expenditure.

Many students of this college have become well-known scholars of international repute and have also been awarded prestigious titles like Mahamahopadhyaya and Certificate of Merit from the President of India.The college had been able to produce such stalwarts as it had provided the oppurtunities to the students to study the sastras without any compromise in the method of learning and at the same time obtain formal academic recognition .Looking back,the college is justifiably proud of its achievements;the college hopes to continue its services to the cause of sanskrit learning beyond the "Hundred Years" which it would reach by 2006 A.D.

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