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The PRIDE Group is the result of the farsightedness of the late Mr.. N K Agarwal, who opened PRIDE, a furnishing store in Churchgate, the heart of Mumbai's commercial centre. Surrounded by hotels, offices, shops, eateries and residences, PRIDE opened on May 6th, 1971.

It became a household name almost overnight because of the vast varieties of materials they stocked and especially for the personalized service provided by Mr.. Agarwal.

Seven years later, when PRIDE was firmly established, Mr.. Agarwal eyed the new high-rise hub of commerce, Nariman Point. Here he opened his second shop, dubbed ANOKHEE, in the Embassy Centre. He got an agency for Modi Carpets and along with furnishings; ANOKHEE saw a brisk carpet trade. Being able to select furnishings and matching floor coverings under one roof was a fairly new concept even in cosmopolitan Mumbai.

In a few years, when ANOKHEE was well established, Mr.. Agarwal felt the need for another addition to the family. As it happened, he opened his new store, PRIDE at Hughes Road, exactly seven years later.

The new PRIDE catered mainly to old Mumbai families of Malabar Hill, Cumballa Hill and Carmichael Road, along with whose of Bhulabhai Desai Road and Pedder Road. Unfortunately, Mr.. N K Agarwal did not live to see his wife Mrs.. Shashi Agarwal and his two young sons, Arun and Alok, acquire and open the smart fourth store, PRIDE in Bandra, in 1994, adding to the already-burgeoning pride of PRIDES.

PRIDE has been appointed the sole distributor in India for Shaw Industries, the American giants in the manufacture of machine-made carpets, both synthetic and woollen, and in mixtures of synthetics and wool.

Pride started out as a small retail outlet selling furnishings, upholstery and curtains. From this humble beginning, it has now grown to become one of India's leading furnishing stores. A growth that speaks volumes for Pride. Today, Pride has its outlets across the length & breadth of the country.

Pride (The Universe of Furnishings), Trader of various kinds of Furnishing Products like Carpets, Furniture Fittings, Carpet Cleaning Equipments, Vinyl Matting, Furnishing Fabrics etc.

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