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Company Profile

Reaction Recruiting Services, which is 15 years old, and continuously progressing year by year. We received honour from so many candidates for deputed them in good companies / factories / institutions in the term of Services.

We also received honour from different small and large companies / factories / institutions for given them the best qualitative candidates at proper time, proper selection.

Initially I was looking for any job to survive, but nowhere, an opportunity was given / nor any help from society. This type of situation has compelled me to those who are jobless, what may be their conditions?

In this way, I have made-up my mind, to help all those who are jobless / looking for better carrier / frustrated from life, I decided to visit many small, largecompanies to know their requirements and accordingly, sending the candidates for selection. As days, months and years past, I decided to go to colleges / institutions to attend seminars for students who all are appearing for final year examinations or any other examination to help them to have an opportunity in any good companies / factories / institions.

Salient Features of our Organisation :

1. Three branches including head office for smooth and fast co-ordination.
2. 20 strong forces of staffs are there for indoor and outdoor operation of quick service.
3. Companies can avail our services of qualitative and quantitative staffs of various categories throughtout the year.
4. Companies/Industries can avail our services from any of our branches / HO through the year. 6. We have also done seminars for college for placing candidate in good companies / factory / institution.

Our terms and conditions are as follows :

1. Yearly registration charge is 1,000/-, for 2 years Rs.1,500/-.
2. Service charges are non-refundable / non-transferrable. Payment should be drawn in favour for the company either in cheque / cash.
3. The requisition should be sent for bonafide activities of the client organisation only.
4. Our organisation does not undertake responsibility for the conduct, character or behaviour of the candidates selected by you or other-wise.
5. Interview date should be fixed not earlier than 10 days from the date of requisition received at our end.
6. Upto last date of interview of the post will be deem vacant, if the intimation regarding selection is not received by us.
7. We confirm having read the terms and conditions and regard to abide by them. Candidate is hereby send to suit your requisition.

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