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VIGIL GLOBAL SECURITY SERVICES is a company dedicated to provide specialist security services at industrial, corporate and domestic fronts. Vigil Global Security Services (An initiative of Vigil Developers and Security Services Private Ltd) is duly affiliated with various governments organisations and its projects, offers high quality services in the area of security / information systems. The firm is under considerations for accreditation by various foreign Security institutions and organisations. We have developed a new business model that encourages and guarantees the best output in professionalism of security field. With each member of the Team qualified and well trained, it helps maintain a high degree of professionalism. We have the ability to put our people into almost any environment.

We specialize in personal Protection and Executive Protection. We provide an Experienced Body Guard Team and Body Guard services, transportation and protection of victims and witnesses. We have also worked for property management companies, and apartment managers. Process Serving, Locating individuals, Background Investigations, Credit Checks and Skip trace. Our Team can have also work for loss prevention security for Department stores and shopping malls.

Mr. Yusuf Khan (a well-known personality, President of nation's Pride (NGO) and commanding leader in the society he had leaded several campaign regrading the upliftment and betterment of the society. He was always on front whenever demanded by peoples. Time to time he had raised his voice against the oppression and fought for the justice of the down leaded to form VIGIL Global Security Services. Mr. Khan timely visualized that Crime prevention has become a major issue in our society and a greater burden is being placed on public police forces to respond to crisis situations. As a resut, the people are inclined towards the private security industry to help protect our neighborhoods and businesses. he studied deeply for the cause of providing total security services to one and all and offered under the esteemed banner of Vigil Global Security Services. With many years of experience, and from the beginning Vigil Global Security Services had aimed to provide the best quality. Security Services and along with Hi Tech Electronic Security Systems.

Vigil Developers and Security Private Limited, Mumbai, also backed by its boards of directors Mr. Arshad Kaleem Siddiqui, Mumbai and Mr. Habib Ahmad Farooqui, Mumbai. Mr. Arshad Kaleem Siddiqui, a leading Commercial and Residential Property Developer and also a well known personality in Propeerty Management for Corporate and Financial Institutions. Mr. Habib Ahmad Farooqui also a prominent business personality associated Vigil Developers and Security Private Limited, Mumbai. Mr.Habib A. Farooqui, his active business involvement in promotion of India's top Consumer Products.

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