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Since last 20 years we are in the Rubber Industry and are serving many Industrial Houses in all fields. During all these years, we have observed that precious Production is lost due to Leakage of Water, Oil, Fuel or Air. All that is needed to prevent this Loss is a small Rubber Packing only.

But due to the non-availability of this small Rubber Packing readily, Industries are forced to stop Production and go through long and tedious procedures like inviting Estimates, comparison of Quotations, issuing Purchases Orders, Inspection and Testing of Materials etc. Ultimately this administrative delay results in a huge Production Loss.

Keeping these facts in mind, we have prepared this Catalogue after many years of R & D works by our Engineers and Rubber Technologists, We assure that any person in any field can find his required product promptly and perfectly by just having a glance at this Catalogue.

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